A warm welcome to Pokweni

The small amount of guests and the personal care on Pokweni contributes to a very special atmosphere making the journey to Pokweni worthwhile.  The Pokweni Team; Annalie, Jos, Axel, Wolfgang and Conrad are already looking forward to the next season 2017/18 and to see many of our guests again.

Charters available

Double seater:

ASH 25 EB 28 from: 01.11. - 18.11.17 and from 06.01. - 19.01.18

Nimbus 3 DM from: 10.01. - 19.01.18

Single seater:

DG 800 from: 27.12. - 09.01.18

Free place in container

We still have one place in the containers available, for example Arcus M.  Contact Axel Nuss.

Thank you for the Saison 2016 / 2017

The season 16/17 has already came to an end and all gliders are back

into the containers.  The weather was exceptionally good this season.
 From Pokweni alone, 58 pilots flew 344 633 km with 448 flights.  Almost
100 flights and 90 000 km more than the previous season.  From this, 93
flights larger than 1 000 km were flown.  The season past without any
serious damage to gliders.  This can be ascribed to our very careful and
disciplined pilots.  Also did we have very few technical problems.  All
pilots and guests on Pokweni contributed to a very nice atmosphere and
cooperation.  The Pokweni Team wants to thank all of them.