The SSN has confirmed that the airspace in the north will be free for gliding up to flight level 195 during the season.

We are also excited to announce that the internet will be better at Pokweni next season as we will be using WiFi via Starlink!

4G MTC internet will also be accessible at the homestead, on Hennie's Farm as well as around the hangar on the airfield.

We are looking forward to see you soon!

Gliders for rental season 2024/25

ASH25-EB28 Double-Seater 17/12/2024 18/01/2025
Nimbus 4 DM Double-Seater 17/12/2024 18/01/2025
TWIN-Shark Double-Seater 01/11/2024 28/12/2024
TWIN-Shark Double-Seater 12/01/2025 18/01/2025

Under 30 special!

Are you under the age of 30?*

Then you are eligible for a 30% discount on your accomodation, regardless of whether you are a pilot, co-pilot or non-flying guest.

*(only valid if you are under the age of 30 before the 18th of January 2025.)


Regardless of whether you are aiming for records, top performances or relaxed holiday flights, Pokweni offers you optimal support in a pleasant club atmosphere.

Outstanding runways, shadow nets for all aircraft and good, friendly support ensures great experiences for all our guests.

Modern air-conditioned bungalows, a swimming pool, tennis court and excellent food awaits you!

and so the 2023-2024 season has come to an end

The season 2023/24 came to a close with beautiful and expansive glides. Thanks to the cautious and disciplined behavior of the gliders, the season remained accident-free, with very few disruptions.

Meanwhile, the containers are already filled and awaiting further transport in Walvisbay.

We cannot wait to do it all again next season!

Great flights despite the somewhat "humid" weather reports

Starry night

Actually there's no comment necessary...

Philip Heinrich captured these unforgettable scenes of the starry night sky with the Milky Way and an EB on the ground.

He also shared a pretty amazing video of his time flying over the beautiful Namibian landscape to his YouTube channel. (Video linked below)

Gliding in Namibia


Ladies night

'Girls just want to have fun'

A few days ago there was a spontaneous all-female table at dinner on Pokweni - an absolute novelty. Annalie set a beautiful table with candles and flowers. The table looked incredibly festive! The women also dressed a little more carefully and everyone had a lot of fun. Some of the men looked a bit irritated because they now had to orientate themselves without their trustworthy partner.

And now we wait...

There are days in Pokweni when the airfield is empty within a very short time and by early midday the take-off point on the 35 looks completely deserted.

But there are also the other days when the gliders stand at the start for a long time and nothing happens at all. The pilots sit under the parasols and look for clues as to whether it is already possible to take on the day. Nobody wants to be the first... Until someone finally takes pity and starts. After that it goes very quickly again...

A guest in Pokweni once said: "Gliding is the sport in which you rush to prepare for a long wait."

The season is off to a great start!

The first starts took place on Pokweni at the beginning of November and the weather was pretty good right away, we could sometimes eveng go right up to the escarpment.

Meanwhile the shadow net is filling up with more aircraft and everyone is looking forward to many beautiful and big flights...

Regarding the 2023/2024 season

The following aircraft are available for charter after consultation with the owner:

  • Nimbus 4 DM
  • Arcus M
  • ASH 25 EB 28
  • EB 29 DR
  • Ventus 2CXM

Furthermore, we still have a container space available.

And so we've come to the end of this season...

Almost three months have flown by and so the 2022/23 season is already over. The last guests have left, all planes are back in the container and on their way back to Europe. Soon the areas under the shade net will again provide cover to the sheep and Springbucks...

A summary of the course of the season can be found on the "Flying" page. The most important thing first: everything went as planned without any accidents!

There is also a very special piece on the "Flying" page by Johannes Stöckl, who celebrated his 17th birthday here at Pokweni.